About us - The History of Our Club

Back in 1983, three friends Mick Hirons, Pete Middlemas and Mike Estall, who were each dedicated British bike fans decided there must be others who had similar interests to themselves and that a club for such people who could share their mutual interest would be warranted. With this in mind they advertised their idea locally and invited anyone interested to attend an initial meeting to be held at The Green Man, Clifton Campville Staffordshire. To their surprise over 100 people attended, and after hearing the outline proposals of the club the vast majority expressed a desire to join such a club when it was formed.

As a consequence the Tamworth & District Classic Motorcycle Club was formed, starting off with a healthy membership in April 1983, since when it has gone from strength to strength, earning an enviable reputation with other motorcycle clubs, and being welcomed by organisers of motorcycle shows, transport shows, museums, shopping precincts, and in general wherever the public gather so that a dozen or so members can put their machines on display to the public. This always results in many people firstly standing and admiring the machinery and then entering into conversation with a member and then telling him when he (Joe Public) owned a motorcycle and the good times he and his wife had on it. As Joe Public finishes his story and moves away another member of the public moves in and recounts his experiences with motorcycles. These shows often result in someone from the viewing public expressing a desire to join the club.

The club originated at The Green Man in Clifton Campville and although the landlord there had changed several times during the life of the club, each landlord was always pleased to act as host. However, following the closure of The Green Man in August 2022, we are now meeting at The Old Crown, Main Road, Wigginton, B79 9DW. As one would expect, after the initial formation of the club, the membership fluctuated until finally settling down to a regular 80 or so members and it has remained in this region throughout the years.

Our club doesn’t favour any particular make or type of motorcycle, although the founders originally favoured British machines we welcome members with any classic bike - no matter what it is, or where it was made. Anyone who has an interest in riding and preserving classic machines of yesterday is welcome, there is no age limit on members, one or two have only recently passed their test, whilst there are quite a few "born again" riders, there is at least one member in his eighties who has ridden motorcycles since he passed his test at the age of 16. Most of the members have a wealth of experience behind them, and countless stories of the past. They are very happy to help each other with hints and tips on restoration work and frequently provide parts for each other. The strength of the club is twofold, firstly it has a dedicated and responsible committee who are prepared to sacrifice much of their spare time for the benefit of the club, and work in harmony with other motorcycling clubs. Secondly: We go to great lengths to promote a good relationship with the general public, for the good of motorcycling in general.

You don't need to own a classic bike (or even ride a motorcycle) to be a member, in fact some of our members have no bike, while some only ride modern machines, but we all share the enjoyment of being around and involved with classic motorcycles.

Why not have a ride out and take a look at us on one of the club evenings. Our club nights are held on the second and fourth Monday every month. Have a look at our “Whats On” page for details of forthcoming meetings, events, ride outs. etc.

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